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Missing Most of the Bible in Preaching

Saturday, 01 January 2014

9781893729780mFrom Dave Black Online, used by permission.

7:08 AM Why don’t pastors preach from the Old Testament?” I’m sometimes asked this question. To ignore 75 percent of the Bible is not only dangerous, it’s downright stupid. If you need to jump start your interest in all things Old Testament, a good place to start might be Allan Bevere’s The Character of Our Discontent, which encourages pastors to teach outside of their field of expertise (which is usually the New Testament).

Christians who would like to learn how the Old Testament can enlighten and guide their Christian walk, and pastors who would like to learn how to preach more effectively from the Old Testament will both find these sermons an invaluable aid.

While Dr. Bevere specializes in the New Testament and theology, he believes that pastors (and academics as well) can preach and teach effectively outside their areas of specialty. Indeed, they must, and this teaching can enrich their own learning and the fields of study into which they venture.

Strongly recommended!